The Crystal Collection Team Building Challenge

A firm favourite from the 90’s. We have taken this popular gameshow and turned it into a fun filled team building event. We were one of the very first team building companies in the UK to offer the Crystal Collection as a team building event.

We were also the very first and still one of only a few to offer a full sized inflatable Crystal dome which your whole team can fit inside rather than just one or two people. Team building at it’s finest by WILDFIRE.

How does a Crystal Collection team building event work?

At the beginning of the day your host will split your group into teams who will rotate round the different challenges receiving a score on each task.

If they complete the task in the specific time then they will receive a crystal. The tasks will be a mixture of mental, physical and skill just like the real show. When the event starts each team will go to a different zone where they have to participate on different challenges. Once they have completed their challenge they will receive a riddle which will guide them to their next challenge.

At the end of the day the teams will be brought together to see who has the most crystals. There will then be a play off between the two teams who have the most crystals with advantages being given in order of crystals collected.

Our Crystal Collection team building event can either be run as a half or full team building day option. We have some companies who come back year after year for this event and it is always a firm favourite. Our event manager will also dress up as Richard O’Brian to get you even more in to the spirit of the event.

Can you choose what is included in a Crystal Collection Event.

Every crystal collection team building event can be tailored to your exact requirements and objectives. If you require a communication focused event we will choose games along that theme. If you are looking for more trust of collaboration events we will choose games accordingly.

One of the Crystal collections biggest strengths is it’s ability to increase a range of team attributes. It’s easy to understand why we have a large number of repeat bookings for this event because even though the event has the same name it can be completely different, with a different focus and objective from one year to the next.


  • Flock Em In
  • Eggspertly Done
  • Knock Their Blocks Off!
  • Phileas Fogg’s Adventure
  • Hoops Throwing
  • Catapult Target
  • Laser Tag


  • Battering Ram
  • Block Puzzle
  • Cranium
  • Arachnaphobia
  • Treasure Island
  • Amazon Obstacle (Venue permitting)


  • Save The World!
  • Ship Maths
  • Dead Man
  • Chemical Catastrophe
  • Pharoah’s Towers


One of the great things about the Crystal Collection was the different zones and different categories of games. We have set challenges for Skill, Physical and Mental but then the Mystery challenge must be answered on each game. This consists of a conundrum or riddle that must be answered and if it is answered incorrectly then teams will lose a crystal…. So teams better try their best as we all know the more crystals you have the more likely you are to go into the dome.

Where can we do Crystal Collection team building?

We have multiple sets of all of our Crystal Collection team building activities which means we can offer multiple Crystal Collection inspired team building events on the same day.

We even have several crystal domes which we were the first company to develop a full sized inflatable crystal dome which can fit your whole team inside and not cash converters.

This means that we can run events in Sheffield, London, Manchester, Leeds and Scotland all on the same day and offer the same experience for each event if we wanted to. Obviously each Crystal Collection is tailored to your team building objectives so while the games might be different you’ll all still have a great experience and all have a Crystal Dome finale.

We work throughout the UK from The north of Scotland and Aberdeen to London and the south coast cities like Southampton and Brighton and on to Devon and Cornwall.

How can we book the Crystal collection?

If you would like to book a Crystal Collection Event for your next team building day, give WILDFIRE a call on 0333 200 4335, email us or use the contact form here.

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